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Hoop Welding Machine

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 Our own design, the apilion Hoop Welding Machine automatically forms and welds hoops for manhole production directly from coil.

The reinforcement wire diameter ranges from 5,5 mm (7/32in.) up to 8 mm (5/16in.). The hoop diameters are flexible up to 1800 mm (5.8ft) within a tolerance of +/- 5 mm (0.2 in).

The hoops are welded using cost-effective resistance spot welding technology, eliminating the need for welding consumables like gas or welding wire.

Approximately 400 hoops can be manufactured per hour. It will take only about 1 minute to change from one diameter to the other.

The space required for this device is only 4,0 x 6,5 meter (12 x 20 ft).

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