VSM cage welding machine

Circular Reinforcement Cages for large Pipes with Bell and Spigot Ends

Cage Welding Machine Type VSMzoom

High performance fully automatic welding machines designed for the vertical production of high precision cylindrical cages of any length with or without bell for large diameter concrete pipes.  

The VSM welding head rotates within the reinforcement cage being produced while at the same time the winding wire is being fed from the outside. This production method facilitates the fabrication of double cages.

Following completion of the outer cage the inner cage is simply fabricated inside it.

A sole operative is required to supervise the machinery


Technical Data:

Cage diameter [mm] 1280-4100 1560-4100 2520-6020
Cage length any any any
Number of longitudinal wires 12/24 24/36 24/36
Longitudinal wire diameter [mm] 7-10 7-10 7-10
Winding wire pitch [mm] 20-160 20-160 20-160
Winding wire diameter (mm] 5-12 5-12 5-12
Production output [m/min] 2 1,5 1
Longitudinal and winding wire coil weight [kg] 1000/1500 1000/1500 1000/1500

 other specifications on request  

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