VSA cage welding machine

Automatic pile cage welding machine for round and square piles

Cage Welding Machine Type VSAzoom

Fully automatic welding machine designed for the production of square and polygonal cages for columns, beams and piles.

The VSA produces reinforcement cages of all cross-sections and of any length effectively and fully automatically off coil. It`s big brother, the VSA-ZK has been designed for the production of heavy-weight cages from bar. 

The cages can be cut to length using a specially developed automatic circular saw which allows shearing without any interruption to the continuous production process.

A sole operative is required to supervise the machinery. 


Technical Data:

Cage size [mm] 100x100 - 500x500
Cage length any
Number of longitudinal wires any
Longitudinal wire diameter [mm] 5-16
Winding wire pitch [mm] 30-150 (200)
Winding wire diameter [mm] 5-12
Production output [m/min] 4
Longitudinal and winding wire coil weight [kg] 1000/750

other specifications on request.  

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