VSA-ZK cage welding machine

Automated Cage Welding Machine for piles, beams or poles

Cage Welding Machine Type VSA-ZKzoom

This semi-automated apilion cage welding machine is especially designed for the production of heavyweight cages off-coil or with pre-cut bars for piles, beams or poles.

The longitudinals have to be fed manually.

The reinforcement cage manufactured will be fixed by the clamping-unit moving in front of the turning face-plate. 


Technical Data:

Square cage size (mm) 100x100 - 500x500
Cage length any
Number of longitudinals as required
Longitudinal wire diameter (mm) 8-40
Winding wire pitch (mm) 30-200
Winding wire diameter (mm) 6-14

other specifications on request  

cage welding is our business!



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