USM cage welding machine

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The high output USM series welding machines have been specifically designed for the continuous production off coil of cylindrical reinforcement cages of any length for reinforced concrete pipes, piles, poles.   


USM-Duomat: The type for new fields of business

This machine boasts an even higher performance than the USM above and is used primarily for the production of reinforcement for heavy weight concrete coatings for offshore pipelines. The Duomat is equipped with two welding heads capable of carrying out up to a thousand highly accurate welds per minute facilitating a concurrent output of 8 linear meters of cage reinforcement !


Technical Data:

USM 150 MF USM 150 USM 150 D
Cage diameter [mm] 200-1600 100-1920 100-1920
Cage length any any any
Number of longitudinal wires 4-24 4-24 any
Longitudinal wire diameter [mm] 12-16 5-7 5-7
Winding wire pitch [mm] 50-160 (200) 30-160 30-160
Winding wire diameter [mm] 8-12 5-9 5-9
Production output [m/min] 3 4 8
Longitudinal and winding wire coil weight [kg] 1000/750 1000/750 1000/750

other specifications on request  

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