ESM cage welding machine

An interesting alternative for the production of small and medium size reinforcement cage diameters


High performance fully automatic welding machines designed for the vertical production of high precision cylindrical reinforcement cages of any length, with or without bell for small to medium diameter concrete pipes.

Based on the tried and tested ASMS, the longitudinal wires are fed into the machine off coil while the welding head and winding wire reel rotate in a horizontal plane facilitating the vertical twist-free production of the reinforcement cage. The finished cage is in a vertical position ready for the next step in the pipe production process.

In addition, the compact ESM requires minimal floor space and no special foundation work.

A sole operative is required to supervise the machinery.


Technical Data:

ESM 150 ESM 200
Cage diameter [mm] 320-1920 320-2500
Cage length any any
Number of longitudinal wires 6-12 6-24
Longitudinal wire diameter [mm] 5-9 5-9
Winding wire pitch [mm] 30-150 30-150
Winding wire diameter [mm] 5-9 5-9
Production output [m/min] 4 3
Longitudinal and winding wire coil weight [kg] 750 750

other specifications on request  

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