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Innovative Solutions for Efficient Production Processes

apilion machinery and plants are in successful operation worldwide. apilion is a leading manufacturer of innovative automatic and semi-automatic cage welding machines for the production of high precision cages for precast concrete (pressure) pipes, driven and bored piles, poles, girders, columns and  box culverts as well as other structural elements .

We offer

  • Engineering expertise 
  • Customized solutions 
  • Professional project planning 
  • Efficient project management 
  • First-rate customer care – worldwide 24/7 support

The apilion range of machinery:

  • Cage welding machines
  • Mesh welding plants
  • Hoop welding machines
  • Mesh plants for the fabrication of cages for box culverts




    apilion automatic cage welding machine VSA/USM-ZK

  • SMS360+ASMS150


    apilion automatic cage welding machines SMS 300-36 and ASMS 150

apilion Solutions


apilion machines+services GmbH, Oststr. 10, 77694 Kehl/Germany, info@apilion.com