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apilion machines+services specializes in the manufacture of its unique range of  automated cage welding machines for which apilion is a leading global player. The apilion production program especially concentrates on developing and manufacturing machinery and equipment for the production of reinforced concrete (pressure) pipes, poles, driven and bored piles, girders, pillars and columns as well as other structural elements in almost any dimensions.

More than 300 machines and plants are in successful operation all over the globe..

cage welding is our business!



machines+services GmbH

Oststrasse 10
77694 Kehl / Rhein

Phone: +49 7851 746-0
Fax: +49 7851 746-60
E-Mail: sales@apilion.com

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apilion machines+services GmbH, Oststr. 10, 77694 Kehl/Germany, info@apilion.com